Curling Club gets ready to move on Wisconsin

Evergreen Curling Club now has its own facillity to have fun and build teams
Jan. 29, 2013 / By Cliff Pfenning, Oregonsports Journal

It happened several times during the Grand Opening celebration of the Evergreen Curling Club’s new home in Beaverton, Jan. 5: someone about to be honored for their commitment to the club could not be found.

“I think they’re at the bar,” was the usual response.

The new facility, located at 10950 SW 5th Street in Beaverton, features three sheets, a lobby, meeting area with tables, and a bar.

“It’s part of the culture of curling,” said Doug Shaak, who founded the club 11 years ago. “You share a drink after a match, or sometimes before, or even during a match.”

Having a good time with a long-term lease involved raising more than $300,000 to locate, design and construct the ice sheet, which is in a converted warehouse.

The club has used the ice at Lloyd Center as its home, but members decided in March of 2011 to commit to fundraising for their own ice.

“The big step was making the commitment to raising the funds,” said Bruce Irvin, the club president. “Once we made that commitment, we got taken seriously and we were able to raise what we needed.”

The club eventually raised $400,000, enough to pay for the facility and have some funds left over for club needs.

Shaak said the club entered the year with 116 members, but they were aiming for some substantial growth now that there’s a daily place to play.

“Our goal is to continue to grow and have stable leagues,” he said. “We want to be able to go to national events and represent the club well.”

The national championships are set for Feb. 9-16 in DePere, Wis., where dedicated facilities number in the dozens. The Evergreen sheets are only the second such facility on the West Coast.

Membership dues are $65 for adults for a year with league playing fees extra. The league’s website shows off the sports’ casual nature with it’s security question: “if you are human, please add 150+45 and put that in the result box.”

Irvin said development of talent to be competitive at the national level will be a focus in the next decade.

“I can see us reaching that level in about 10 years,” he said. “We need to get kids that are about 10 years old involved, but with consistent coaching, good coaching, I think that can happen.”


Love Curling

Thanks for this great article about curling.   I love this sport.   Looking forward to trying it sometime soon now that we have Oregon's first rink.

The article mentioned commitment, and that's right.   It takes commitment, urgency and guts to get something like this done, and I'm glad that they had all three.   Good luck to them!