oregon high school water polo


Past Team Champions

1975    Beaverton def. Cottage Grove
1976    David Douglas def. Beaverton
1977    Beaverton def. David Douglas
1978    David Douglas def. Cottage Grove     
1979    David Douglas def. Cottage Grove
1980    Cottage Grove def. Tigard
1981    Cottage Grove def. Gresham
1982    Gresham def. Sheldon
1983    David Douglas def. Cottage Grove
1984    Tigard def. David Douglas     
1985    Sheldon def. Newberg     
1986    Newberg def. North Eugene     
1987    Newberg def. Sheldon         
1988    Newberg def. Sheldon     
1989    Newberg def. Sheldon
1990    Sheldon def. Newberg
1991    Gresham def. Newberg
1992    Newberg def. Sheldon
1993    Newberg def. Sheldon
1994    Newberg def. Sheldon
1995    Newberg def. Sheldon
1996    Newberg def. Westview
1997    Newberg def. David Douglas
1998    Newberg def. Sunset     
1999    Newberg def. Westview
2000    Westview def. Sunset    
2001    Westview def. Sunset    
2002    Beaverton def. Westview    
2003    Westview def. Newberg
2004    Westview def. Sunset    
2005    Newberg def. Aloha    
2006    Newberg def. Southridge
2007    Newberg def. David Douglas
2008    Newberg def. Tualatin    
2009    Newberg def. Tualatin    
2010    Tualatin def. Newberg
2011    Tualatin def. Newberg
2012    Newberg def. Tualatin
2013    Tualatin def. Lincoln
2014    Tualatin def. West Albany
2015    Newberg def. Barlow
2016    West Albandy def. Westview
2017    Newberg def. Lincoln

2008    Ashland def. Parkrose
2009    Parkrose  def. Ashland
2010    Sandy def. West Albany
2011    West Albany def. Ashland
2012    West Albany def. Summit
2013    West Albany def. Summit
2014    Madras def. Parkrose
2015    Summit def. Mountain View
2016    Hood River def. Summit
2017    Hood River def. Sandy


Past Team Champions

1970    Sunset def. North Bend
1971    Sunset def. Centennial
1972    Sunset def. Sandy
1973    David Douglas def. Sandy
1974    David Douglas def. Sheldon     
1975    Sheldon def. David Douglas
1976    Sheldon def. David Douglas     
1977    David Douglas def. Cottage Grove
1978    Cottage Grove def. David Douglas
1979    Cottage Grove def. Tigard
1980    Cottage Grove def. Gresham
1981    Gresham def. David Douglas     
1982    David Douglas def. Parkrose    
1983    David Douglas def. Sheldon     
1984    David Douglas def. Sheldon     
1985    Sheldon def. David Douglas
1986    Sheldon def. Centennial
1987    Tigard def. Sheldon     
1988    Sheldon def. Tigard     
1989    Newberg def. Sunset     
1990    Sheldon def. Newberg    
1991    Newberg def. Sheldon     
1992    Newberg def. Sheldon     
1993    Sheldon def. Newberg     
1994    Newberg def. Sunset
1995    Sheldon def. Sunset         
1996    Beaverton def. Westview     
1997    Beaverton def. Newberg     
1998    Westview def. Sheldon
1999    Newberg def. Westview    
2000    Newberg def. Westview    
2001    Westview def. Ashland
2002    Westview def. Aloha
2003    Westview def. Newberg
2004    Westview def. Sandy
2005    Newberg def. Westview
2006    Newberg def. Westview
2007    Newberg def. South Eugene
2008    Newberg def. Southridge
2009    Newberg def. Southridge
2010    Newberg def Tualatin
2011    Southridge def. Newberg
2012    Southridge def. Newberg
2013    Southridge def. Newberg
2014    Newberg def. Southridge
2015    Newberg def. Barlow
2016    Newberg def. Southridge
2017    Newberg def. Lakeridge

2008    Ashland def. Paarkrose
2009    Ashland def. Parkrose
2010    West Albany def. Ashland
2011    Ashland def. West Albany
2012    Ashland def. West Albany
2013    Mountain View def. Summit
2014    Summit def. Hood River
2015    Mountian View def. Summit
2016    Mountain View def. Parkrose
2017    Bend def. Summit

Newberg swims way to stellar title run

Tualatin, Summit, Madras all add water polo titles
Nov. 15, 2014 / Staff report

CORVALLIS - Newberg capped a dominating tournement run with a 12-7 win over Southridge to win the Class 6A boys water polo championships at the Osborn Aquatic Center.

The Tigers won their first three playoff matches by a combined 55-12 before the final.

In other finals:

Tualatin ground out a 16-10 win over West Albany to claim the Class 6A girls title. Both finalists won their quarterfinal by just one goal.

Summit survived an overtime win over Ashland in the semifinals, then beat Hood River 12-1 to win the Class 5A boys title.

Madras won the Class 5A girls title with a 15-5 decision over Parkrose. The Buffaloes outscored their three opponents by 29 total goals during the tournament.



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