Is NBA ready for more summer content?

Damian Lillard's future could include a reality series

Cliff Pfenning
June 13, 2021

What a great time it is to launch “Dame and CJ.”

At least it would be if a show like that existed.

But, hey, give the NBA and its players union and TV networks and social media just a little time, and that’s what we’ll have at this point of every summer.

As teams have their seasons end, either at playoff time or in the playoffs, their reality seasons will begin.

We’re already de facto in this era with the Blazers and Damian Lillard as the team looks for a new head  coach. And maybe General Manager Neil Olshey. And, where to trade CJ McCollum. And Jusuf Nurkic. And Robert Covington. And, ... it goes on.

There’s nothing new about this summer in terms of media speculation on coaching movement and trades, etc., except how fast this all happened. And, how much a key player was involved. Almost as soon as the Blazers walked off the court following their Game 6, first round, series-ending loss to Denver Thursday, coach Terry Stotts parted ways with the team after nine seasons. And, pretty much before he could get to his car and head for the Dutch Bros. on MLK, The Athletic was reporting that Lillard preferred Jason Kidd as the next coach.

That’s some excitement for the pilot episode!

And, it just gets better, at least from the ratings perspective.

Social media among locals with long memories, exploded at the thought of Kidd as coach, because he has a conviction for domestic abuse a decade ago that he paid for in fines and public service. He also has a DUI conviction.

But, turns out Kidd apparently wasn’t interested from the start, and is happy to remain an assistant with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Olshey is on record as saying Dame will have input on the next coach, although how much is a question. And, what about Olshey and his position with the team? Will Lillard have a role in that?

Again, this is regular stuff, except for how fast it happened with the Blazers on Stotts leaving. Coaches getting fired as soon as a series ends is a little unusual because getting to the playoffs shows a coach is performing well. But, that closeness to Lillard and his pick of Kidd, leaves one to think of this being a reality series.

Would Dame consult CJ about the next coach? CJ’s getting $30 million per season, and fits in as a player Portland fans like alot.. He hits plenty of key shots and can be a force on nights Dame’s shot doesn’t fall. Is he on the trade block? For who?

This is social media and ESPN gold - reality TV. Why shouldn’t the NBA and its players collect on that from now on?

What would Damian Lillard think about this?

Cliff Pfenning

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