St. Mary's keeps lacrosse tradition alive

Blues go unbeaten, win third straight title
By Cliff Pfenning,
St. Mary's girls lacrosse players hoist another state title trophy.
By Cliff Pfenning,
With many students from many diverse cultures, Central Catholic’s Diversity Club, now has joined forces with Rachel’s Challenge and the African American Students United. The club has seen a positive growth of people, since they united with the AASU and Rachel’s Challenge. Many adults at Central Catholic have also volunteered their time to the club, including Megan Bruce, Molly Reuscher, Ms. Jaeger, Mr. Hutson, Teri Calcagno, Scott Williams, and Mrs. Loughran. The Diversity Club seeks to raise awareness of other cultures by celebrating cultural holidays and events. Some of the events include the National Hispanic Heritage Month in September through October, National American Indian Heritage Month in November, Black History Month and the Chinese New Year in February, among other events. To promote these and many other events, the Diversity Club usually uses the board outside the faculty room. Another event, the Mix-It-Up lunch produced by the diversity club, introduces people who wouldn’t necessarily eat or hang out with each other for a lunch. Taking place in November, the Mix-It-Up lunch, shows students that everyone has something interesting to say, by “mixing up” the students, who sign up for the lunch, into lunch tables with other students they might never have talked to. The purpose of this lunch is to bring an end to the cliques that have found themselves in our School. The Diversity club’s purpose, like the Mix-It-Up lunch, is to open oneself up and respect everyone no matter who they are. If the Diversity club and the many cultural events interests you they have meetings every Friday at lunch.