Where's soccer headed in Portland, U.S.?

Raymond Felton gets a thorough review in this week's episode
Sportsland Crew

In this week’s episode, Los and the gang recap the previous week’s NBA draft, throwing out their favorite moments and predictions for who came away the cream of this year’s draft crop.  They also grade the Blazers draft day moves, and wonder aloud if Raymond Felton isn’t just Andre Miller from six years ago. 

Once they move on from basketball, it is soccer time in Soccer City, and the consensus says the Portland Timbers need to right the ship.  After an embarrassing 4-0 loss over the weekend to Dallas, Mike tries to look on the bright while looking ahead to Kansas City. 

All of that, plus the usual segments including What Plucks My Duck and We Wanna Watch, recorded live at Blitz in the Pearl.

Summer brings heat to the PFL season

EPISODE 13: Time for division drama on/off the field
By Cliff Pfenning,

After two weeks of interdivision play, the Pacific Football League season returns to division action with a pair of big games in the North, where the Clark County Vipers are set to play at Kitsap County in a battle of unbeatens Saturday.

The Vipers, though, are heading to the game after a 42-7 loss and have an uncertain situation at quarterback, where their two starters will likely be unavailable.

That game will be the focus for tonight's episode of Pacific Football Weekly, recorded live from Blitz Pearl in Northwest Portland.

Co-hosts Cliff Pfenning and Charlie Latt will analyze the league as it heads into its eighth week, and returns to division play with the Southern Division having a key boost in drama with the return of Nate Ellis to Southern Oregon.

Without Ellis, the Renegades lost just 13-10 to the league title favorite Portland Monarchs.


These topics and more will highlight the episode.


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Monarchs keep winning, Outlaws hit coaching snag

Hatfield, Dickson join PACIFIC FOOTBALL WEEKLY for Episode 9, May 23, 2011
By Cliff Pfenning,

The drama of minor league football finally caught up with the Portland Monarchs again as they rallied from a 10-0 deficit to beat Southern Oregon on the road Saturday.

The Monarchs entered the game averaging 60 points per contest, but the Renegades had given up just 19 points all season. Portland safety Aaron Dickson joins the cast of Pacific Football Weekly tonight with his reflections on the game.

Also, PFL director of officials Kevin Hatfield is scheduled to appear as well.

Co-hosts Cliff Pfenning and Charlie Latt will discuss other PFL highlights and report on league news, including the coaching situation in Eugene, where the Oregon Outlaws are experiencing a coaching change.


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Southern Oregon preps for Portland visit

Renegades hope to beat Portland twice in eight days
Staff Report

After scoring a big win over Portland on the road, the Southern Oregon Renegades are hoping for another outstanding defensive effort to beat the three-time reigning region champion Saturday.


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