What's Oregonsports got to do with it?

What Topics Do You Cover In Your Site?

We're into covering the cross-section of stories the align with our six categories: Pro, College, Prep, Culture, Community and the highlights of the mobile App OSPN.

Can You Interview Me For A Story?

We're more than happy to tell the story of anyone across the state who's involved in sports at some level, in some manner.

How Do You Deal With Sponsorship?

Advertising an sponsorships are a continual process of development for a young company and they'll become more available as we move forward with being an established media outlet.

What is OSPN?

Oregon Sports Programming Network is the streaming network platform that is part of the Oregonsports Media, LLC. It works in tandem with oregonsports.com with news coverage and creates entertainment programming. It is scheduled to be available in January.

How do I view OSPN?

OSPN is available for subscribers through the downloadable App - set for delivery in January.

Can I create programming for OSPN?

We are going to rely a great deal on programming provided by the community. Some of it will actually be supported financially by Oregonsports Media through subscriber revenue.