Football should become its own nation

Ukraine hit the wrong target for wartime funding

When Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky asked the United State government for funds to support its war with Russia in the summer of 2023, maybe he asked the wrong organization since the government still hasn't actively responded.

Maybe he should of asked a confederation of pro and college football conferences and league for funds since football seems to have enough money to support just about anything it wants these days.

Can football, the sport, just become its own nation? Maybe take over Martinique and become the Democratic Sovereignty of Football - Martinique? The people of Martinique would probably be fine with that, especially if they got discounts to games (other than playoff and bowl games).

When the Nielsen Ratings for 2023 were recently released, 93 of the top 100 ratings figures were for NFL games or telecast windows such as Sunday afternoon games. And by a ton, since the writers strike affected much of the programming on regular TV, not streaming or cable channels such as ESPN or Amazon's Prime Network.

The free TV ratings numbers were in the neighborhood of 2.8 million viewers for primetime shows. The NFL? Most of the windows or specific games such as Monday or Thursday or Sunday Night Football were 17 million to 24 million. When Dallas played Washington on Thanksgiving Day, the number was 41.7 million.

College coaches are regularly paid more than $4 million per year. College conference media packages focus on football so much that they cause schools to move conferences to the degree that basically eliminated the Pac-12.

"Hey mom, I'm going to Football for the weekend."

"The island?


"How did you get tickets?"

It's' another way football could make money, sort of like how Qatar made money off the World Cup.

Or maybe Football could become America's third political party, and register voters for the Football party.

Democrat. Republican. Football or maybe Pigskin Party (until Vegans got involved).

Who wouldn't want to be a Football voter, and maybe nominate Peyton Manning for President? Or Pete Carroll? Or Andy Reid?

What a national convention that would be - voters with signage saying "Vote Peyton!" "Pete Carroll is The Answer!" "Andy Reid is who we need!"

Imagine the ratings for that convention.

Imagine what Football could do for American leadership.

On a four-year contract with an option for an additional four years.

Definitely gotta raise the salary for those four years.

"Jonathan Smith leaves Michigan State to run the United States of America; signs for $280 million over four years to match Shohei Ohtani's Dodgers contract." There's a headline for ESPN.

"President Smith tells Russia to return to its borders or the US will get its passing game involved."

Football can solve everything.

Cliff Pfenning

Cliff is a lifelong resident of Oregon and has four decades of experience as a writer, photographer, videographer, broadcaster and now producer. He's a grad of Benson and the University of Oregon, and publishes as well as OSPN, which is scheduled for delivery as a streaming Mobile App in December.

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