Mixing ESPN and Netflix is the way to replace The Oregonian

Small campaign donations will help the state's sports fans reap big rewards

So how long can The Oregonian remain the sports information resource of record for the state with just a digital version of its print newspaper to power its coverage?

It's the goal of this company to make that about eight months - to the New Year's Eve celebration of the Class of 2024 on July 24. That will be followed by the New Year's Day celebration for the Class of 2025.

That's the kind of imagination Oregonsports Media is planning to use in the coming months to power Oregonsports.com as well as the streaming network OSPN - Oregon Sports Network - to that end.

This goal is powering a GoFundMe campaign designed by Governor of Sports Media Cliff Pfenning that's looking to raise $28,000 to get OSPN moving toward its App form, ideally in about three months.


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