Starting a sports network is a lifelong dream

Running a sports network is also as chilling as it seems

The beginnings of my interest in a sports network actually began in 1997 due largely to a love for standing - league and conference - and sports history. That's when I created and published the Oregon Sports Almanac, 300 copies. I didn't sell all that many of them, but shortly thereafter the Internet began and I stumbled into

Owning the domain has been something of a curse, especially of a financial nature, but it's led me to a point where I'm comfortable telling the world this is going to happen, and even challenging the sports community to support me in the goal of replacing The Oregonian as the information resource of record in less than a year.

That's what is going to do when combined with the streaming network OSPN, Oregon Sports Programming Network.

My understanding of how to craft an OTT Network such as OSPN has evolved during the The last three years, starting with simply understanding what OTT involves. That's Over The Top and is the technology behind streaming Apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Paramount+, and ESPN's App that connects with its website.

There are dozens of versions of OTT available to the business world, and I've been involved with plenty of them trying to find one that would be simple enough for a small group to use, and priced so that it would be viable for a small company - one not powered by unnamed investors from an investment firm. I think I've found that version.

The network I dreamed up was of a multimedia nature combining a website with video and even print. I've produced all those at the same time, which actually was the network I always dreamed up. I just was never able to promote it the way it needed to be primarily because of the reality that it needed to be kept up every day, so it failed.

The difference with this effort is the campaign for Governor, which I'm using as a key advertising element that has the potential for significant free advertising through just that simple story of what's going on here.

KEY POINTS OF ACCESS - easy way to share the GoFundMe campaign with a friend

ospn4oregon GoFundMe campaign - the direct way to campaign donations

The Portal - company store with unique Oregon sports items

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Cliff Pfenning

Cliff is a lifelong resident of Oregon and has four decades of experience as a writer, photographer, videographer, broadcaster and now producer. He's a grad of Benson and the University of Oregon, and publishes as well as OSPN, which is scheduled for delivery as a streaming Mobile App in December.

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