Are prep teams ready for a US Open Cup?

Oregon's high school teams could use some class action

As soccer continues to hit the radar evermore almost daily in the US, one of the topics is open tournaments, which is the US Open Cup for teams in Oregon.

The Cup, created by Lamar Hunt and named after him (Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup) allows for every team in the U.S. to play in one tournament starting at the amateur level. It's single-elimination and doesn't get to the MLS level for several months, but it's fun to follow during the year.

Other nations have a similar tournament - the inspiration for this one.

So, the thought being put forth here is about high school teams in Oregon, and more inter-classification scheduling. The entire state doesn't need to be in one tournament, but it would be nice to see some of the top teams at each classification get a chance to play the top teams at another classification, either up or down, and put some zing into each season.

Cliff Pfenning

Cliff is a lifelong resident of Oregon and has four decades of experience as a writer, photographer, videographer, broadcaster and now producer. He's a grad of Benson and the University of Oregon, and publishes as well as OSPN, which is scheduled for delivery as a streaming Mobile App in June.

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