Blazers beat writer Aaron Fentress dubbed Most Hated Coach in Oregon

Oregon's Most Hated Coach got that nickname by winning a lot of football games

The story is from 2010, but it still makes a headline pop. The Oregonian's Blazers beat writer Aaron Fentress is Oregon's Most Hated Coach.

Most Hated. Aaron Fentress. Maybe ESPN will pick that up.

Fentress actually had a lot of fun with that title coming from the days of coaching semi-pro football with the Portland Monarchs, which he guided to the No. 1 ranking in the nation. The story from Oregonsports Journal magazine chronicled his role in getting the team to that ranking, and mission to stay there.

"We didn't get to be No. 1 in the nation by beating teams 21-6," Fentress said. "We got to be No. 1 by pummeling teams 42-6."

And that was a bad game as the team was beating opponents by more than 40 points each week.

A lot of the Oregon Football League wasn't thrilled by his mission, showcased by his not being voted Coach of the Year.

As the story goes, though, the league's players and coaches generally recognized his talent as being an asset for the game overall, in areas such as recruiting players.

The story is available as a pdf for subscribers of

Fentress is actually still coaching, having moved also to team ownership with the Portland Raiders, who recently joined the West Coast Pacific Minor League. The Raiders are the lone Oregon team. Their 10-game schedule begins March 30.

The Oregon Football League ceased operations following The Pandemic, and has not revived. Helping the league restart is one of the goals of OSPN as it searches for content into the future.

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